How to Maintain Your Data Center under a Severe Power Shortage

As I reported, I will moderate a panel session with members of the Japan Data Center Council (JDCC), a consortium of more than 100 data center operators and vendors in Japan. The venue is the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s upcoming 5th Annual Data Center Energy Efficiency conference, to be held at the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) headquarters on October 24.

The main speaker will be Atsushi Yamanaka, who heads the International working group at JDCC. His day job is at IDC Frontier. He informed me of the three main topics of his talk, and I would like to share them with you briefly here:

  1. Current data center distribution in Japan and how each region coped with rolling blackouts immediately following the March 2011 disaster.
  2. Various methods for efficient power consumption actually practiced by data centers in Japan that are coping with power shortages, together with a new efficiency measure, DPPE, begun to be used by data centers.
  3. How the Japanese data center industry united under the JDCC to solve industry issues such as power reduction mandates and greenhouse gas reduction mandates without sacrificing business growth potential, including new industry guidelines for power efficiency practices like shutting down servers, raising data center temperature, handling standby servers, implementing cold or hot aisle containment, and enhancing heat exchange in outside units of cooling systems.

I also asked Atsushi to give us a brief introduction to the JDCC and what they do. These are pretty interesting points and you may want to come and join me to find out more details. After his speech, I will add panelists from NEC, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi who are data center operators and vendors themselves and get their input.

This is a good time to find out what’s really happening in Japan! Don’t miss it.

Zen Kishimoto

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