How to Find, Fix and Prevent Top Software Defects with Static Analysis

Hear industry experts discuss using static analysis to identify the top software code issues, how to identify those hard to spot defects that could lead to quality, security and performance issues, how to divide and conquer to fix the defects once identified, and how to prevent defects from occurring as the development cycle moves forward.


About Coverity

Coverity, the leader in software integrity, is the trusted standard for companies that have a zero tolerance policy for software failures, problems, and security breaches. Coverity’s award-winning portfolio of software integrity products enables customers to prevent software problems throughout the application lifecycle. Over 100,000 developers and 600 companies including ARM, Phillips, RIM, Rockwell Collins, Samsung and UBS rely on Coverity to help them ensure the delivery of superior software. Coverity is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in 6 countries and more than 130 employees.
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