How HR SaaS Vendors Can Conquer the World

Michael Krupa is our newest guest blogger. In his first post, he writes about the the dream of buildng SaaS applications from the ground up so customizations can be done simply by configuring the software.

One of the biggest limitations preventing companies with an in-house Human Capital Management (HCM) system (e.g. Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson) from moving to a SaaS HCM system is customizations. Many companies have made significant customizations to their HR system and are not willing to let go of these customizations. I don’t want to get into a discussion of why so many companies customize their in-house systems. That will have to be another blog post.

SaaS applications built from the ground up to handle customizations as configurations would rock.


Application development technology has matured to the point of being able to create a rich User Interface experience that would allow the client to easily make modifications to the UI to suit their needs. HR and to a lesser extent Talent Management applications have been around for decades and we now have a pretty good idea of what companies are looking for in HCM systems. Business Rules need to be extracted where possible from the underlying code and elevated to a place in the application where the customer can modify the Business Rules as a configuration step and not as a customization request.

Similarly the User Interface needs to be a separate layer with a similar capability to easily add/remove or move a field on a page as a configuration step and not as a customization request.

An uber configurable HR SaaS Application has the potential for convincing a larger number of companies to give SaaS a second look.

Michael Krupa

About Michael Krupa

Michael Krupa is a Technical Director at Charles Schwab and is responsible for the architecture and design of their HR systems. Prior to Schwab he owned his own IT consulting company and worked with companies such McKesson, Levi Strauss, Stanford University and Kaiser to define and implement HR Technologies. Michael pet project is advocating the use of true multi-tenancy SaaS applications.


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