HiQ PDF Software for .NET – HTML to PDF Converter

HiQPDF is a powerful C# ASP.NET Library to convert HTML to PDF, HTML to SVG, HTML to IMAGE and to fully manage PDF forms and PDF docs.

With a single function call you can precisely convert anything a browser can render: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SVG, Canvas, jQuery etc to PDF, SVG or IMAGE.

HiQPDF Library to CONVERT:
– HTML to PDF / HTML5 to PDF, HTML to SVG, HTML to IMAGE, Canvas to PDF, CSS3 to PDF, JavaScript to PDF, JQuery to PDF etc

HiQPDF Library to MANAGE interactive PDF FORMS:

– Execute an ACTION when a PDF doc is OPENED
– Create TABLE of CONTENTS for a PDF doc
– Attach external FILES and LINKS/STREAMS to a PDF doc
– Format TEXT in PDF (FONTS, LAYOUTS etc)
– Layout /rotate/etc IMAGES ( PNG, JPEG, SVG, img from HTML rasterization) in PDF docs
– Layout GRAPHICS with various styles and fill modes ( lines, circles, polygons, Bezier curves etc) in PDF docs

HiQPDF ASP.NET Library has some unique capabilities that differentiates it from other products.

– You can layout and overlap multiple HTML objects in the same PDF document while preserving the transparencies
– You can add a custom background content to the PDF pages created by the converter
– You can hide a HTML image from the generated PDF document and you can place a different image in the same position
– You can use conversion triggering modes to have a controlled delay between the moment when the document is loaded and the moment when conversion function is called
– You can automatically create outlines, HTTP and internal links in PDF and force a HTML element to start on a new page in PDF
– You can automatically repeat the thead content of a HTML table on each PDF page where the table is laid out
– You can control the page breaks in the generated PDF document using CSS styles
– You can retrieve detailed info about the laid out HTML elements
and more.


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  1. stevnetk March 31, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

    By using HTML and CSS it is now possible to fast and accurately define pages layouts that look great.
    For example an invoice template could have a main template with header, delivery address, billing address, transparent images for stamps or signatures, footer with page numbers etc. More than that, database columns could be presented on page by using tags, giving to the report developer great flexibility and speed.

    If all this are already implemented, the next step should be to add PDF output as an option.
    Rather than duplicate the effort and re-implement all in a PDF reporting tool, you could simply think about to an html to pdf conversion on the reports already created as above.
    To see a demo about how powerful is this approach, you can try HiQPDF Library for .NET – HTML to PDF converter http://www.hiqpdf.com

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