Hacker’s Revenge, Or Failure Of Our Educational Systems?

The folks at Lulzsec have announced their retirement. Apparently, school was starting soon and the majority of them wanted to get a head start on Junior year. They also wanted to leverage their skill set when applying to college. It’s a bit easier to get admitted to tops schools, evidently, if you’re not in lockup. Plus, you can then operate and move around the wireless world with the café set, remaining aloof. I expect that #hack folk are desensitized, or at least I offer that in my thesis. It’s certainly a fact that dopamine gets flushed from the digital experience, just as it is from actual experience. But euphoria alone would never drive these #hackers to the depths of trouble they are in.

Ryan Cleary has Asperger’s Syndrome, and he is being threatened with extradition

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The Guardian worded it best, “It was a tight-knit and enigmatic group finding its feet in the febrile world of hacker collectives, where exposing and embarrassing your targets is just as important as protecting your own identity.

Schadenfreude run amok?

Evidently, one of these pranksters has quickly turned his back on the group for being too snarky on Twitter, and there’s probably a girl or two in the story somewhere. The logs from their inner chat show this about the group, “one hacker known as “Sabu”, believed to be a 30-year-old security consultant, effectively controls the group of between six and eight people, keeping the others in line and warning them not to discuss what they have done with others; another, “Kayla”, provides a large botnet – networks of infected computers controlled remotely – to bring down targeted websites with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks; while a third, “Topiary”, manages the public image, including the LulzSec Twitter feed.”

While another who may have inspired the early retirement has been arrested and may be extradited to the U.S. if our Attorney General flexes enough muscles. I mean, it’s not as if this kid was any sort of threat anymore, he’s not a thug or a terrorist. In fact, the kid suffers from a form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome.

Cleary was arrested on Monday June 20 as part of a Scotland Yard and FBI probe into LulzSec, the group which claims responsibility for hacking attempts on Soca, the US Senate and the CIA. He is charged with conspiring with other people on or before that date to create a remotely controlled network of zombie computers, known as a “botnet”, to carry out distributed denial of service attacks, where websites are flooded with traffic to make them crash.

Why would so many talented smart kids put so much risk out there just to be smug? Is this some new level of ego we have never seen before? Are these people aware of the fact that people who mess around risk their lives daily. We have better jobs for you here in Silicon Valley. Don’t mess with the #hack man because you will end up in deep trouble.

But why hack? This has always sounded like one of those Mt. Everest jokes, or like the time they asked Dillinger, ‘why do you rob banks, Mr. Dillinger?’ and, ‘well, gee, that’s wherel the money is.’ Hackers hack because they can. Because it’s there and it’s saying you aren’t allowed here. Or because the world is an incredibly complicated place, with incredibly corrupt and unfair stuff going on daily that most average citizens can’t do a thing about, so those who can disrupt the wheels of ‘progress’ decide what the hell. And then they hack because there isn’t anything more interesting for them to do.

If this administration put as much time and money into figuring out why kids get hooked on this, and other junk, we might stand a chance of helping out our youngsters and getting them educated so they can use their talents for their own good. But war is the only thing anyone cares about and to have war 24/7, you have to make criminals of anyone who even follows the flood. These are sad times indeed.

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