Google update for the week of 7/2

Google is everywhere. And it’s everywhere because it’s essential to our lives and a powerful disrupter of orthodoxies. It always seems to be on the front lines, on one side or the other, in big societal battles over such issues as censorship, the right to privacy, the meaning of copyright, the evolution of 21st century antitrust law- th fqture of the news industry, even the nature of the workplace. And no, we didn’t “Yahoo” that. We “Googled” it.

For more on what the blogs are saying this week about Google, see below:

Google stole sharing idea for Hangouts and YouTube, lawsuit claims

A New York start-up claims that a video sharing feature in YouTube and Google+  is based on concepts that it showed to Google when the two companies met to discuss collaboration strategies in 2011.

In a lawsuit filed in San Jose, CamUp is accusing the search giant of copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation over a “watch with your friends” button for videos. The button allegedly directs users to a “Hangouts” page where a user can watch the video with other members who are on Google’s social network, Google+.


Google launches Mobile App Analytics along with Analytics App for Android, creates endless loop

Google has given a boost to those who obsess over the minutia of their sites (and apps) with two new analytics offerings dedicated to the mobile side of things. App vendors will be able to see potential buyers stampeding to their wares (or not) with Mobile App Analytics, showing user info like traffic, geography and the model of device used.


Google Knowledge Graph Shows Outdated Search Results for Trending Topics [Study]

Twenty percent of Google Knowledge Graph results for trending keywords are outdated, according to a new study from SEO firm Conductor. They set out to discover whether there was a mismatch or lag distribution in Knowledge Graph entries, as compared to the corresponding Wikipedia entry.

Conductor built two lists of 50 keywords, to reflect “normal” and trending topics. They focused on people keywords to ensure some consistency across the two samples, using the Top 50 people in Google Insights and Google Trends for trending keywords, with the Top 50 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 for the normal keywords.


Privacy, Google, and Facebook: Chill!

Okay, privacy is an ongoing concern for all of us; it’s a real thing. However, there are a lot of bogus headlines regarding online privacy, and I figure some perspective is good.

Most of the panic regards Google and Facebook, and almost all of it is faked, from parties who are looking for headlines or people who don’t understand tech, and panicked. Let’s just say very little fact-checking was done.


How Google+ Has Morphed Over The Past Year & What We Can Expect in 2013

One year ago, Google+ launched to the world and was greeted with the collective cry, “Not another social network!” But over the past year Google+ has cemented its position as one of the Big Three social networks, alongside Facebook and Twitter. Or has it? Google+ boasts similar user numbers to Twitter, but if we look more closely we see that Google+ hasn’t lived up to its initial promise as a new type of social network. In fact, it’s morphed into something completely different for Google…


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