Google… paranoid, or proactive?

From alerts about malware to blocked websites in China, Google sometimes comes off as a bit paranoid. Today Google reinforced this image, with security warnings about state-sponsored attacks.


Google said the warnings will appear for a “subset” of users who Google believes “may be the target of state-sponsored attacks.” When activated, a pink bar will appear atop various Google services with a warning that reads: “We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account of computer. Protect yourself now.” The “protect yourself” text will link to a page with steps you can take to guard against unwanted intrusions.

So, now Google is looking out for our best interests? Or is this a case of Big Brother intruding into our privacy? Do you think there is an ulterior motive to this? Leave your comments, below.

See the entire blog post from Google, here: 



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