From YouTube: What Seven CEO’s Have To Say About Cloud Computing

We are reminded in these videos about how CEO’s do define the path their companies take in new markets. Surprisingly is how off-the-cuff some of these CEO’s tend to be about cloud computing. Their comments may not reflect their strategies but they do paint an abstract that sets perceptions about them in the marketplace.

In contrast, it’s clear that several of these CEO’s have taken the time to articulate their views about cloud computing and what role their companies will have in the market’s growth. Even during interviews in the hallways they express a clear view about the market while also providing a window into what their offerings may be.

It’s also evident that all of these CEO’s are in an educating mode. They spend a lot of time explaining cloud computing. We expect this will continue through at least until the end of 2009.

Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle

In this video, Larry Ellison says cloud computing is a joke. He says the computer industry is like the fashion world. Cloud computing is the next pink. He does expect Oracle will get on the bandwagon, too. Ellison is the most cynical of this group about cloud computing. This may be a bit of a show. Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems, a company with significant investments in the future of cloud computing.

Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

In this video, it’s Ballmer making a statement about how a venture capitalist colleague’s use of cloud computing compares so differently to his own. In this video, Ballmer, cloud computing is about the re-architecture of the server in a shared, multi-tenant environment.

Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO, Google

Interesting that the embed code has been disabled by request for this “unauthorized video,” by Vator TV.

Here is the link to watch the video:

Eric Schmidt says the importance of cloud computing for Google is reflected in its corporate tagline: “Search, Ads and Apps.” Schmidt believes applications in the cloud will define computing. Applications will run on any device.

Schmidt is obviously excited about cloud computing. With massive investments in data centers around the world, cloud computing represents a natural evolution for Google. Schmidt’s definition points to Google’s strengths. He says cloud computing is all about the common infrastructure – a platform anyone can use to build applications that run on any device.

Schmidt says they have wanted to do cloud computing for a while but have been waiting for someone to pay them to do it. He said the have always wondered if cloud computing would happen. Last year, he said they started speculating when it would happen. In this interview last Fall, Schmidt said they believe cloud computing will take off in the next year.

Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot

Phillippe Courtot did this interview just before the 2009 RSA Conference, where he gave a keynote address. Courtot leads Qualys, which provides a security infrastructure for cloud computing. In this video, he discusses how cloud computing forces data security professionals to rethink what it means to secure your data. He argues that it will be impossible to keep up with the onslaught of attacks and patches needed to keep networks protected. Cloud computing provides an answer to this problem. But it will take time to convince security professionals it is the way to go. Still, the move is happening. Courtot says that 40 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have adopted Qualys cloud computing platform.

Graham Weston, Chairman and CEO of Rackspace

Weston is pretty focused in this interview. He acts more like a CEO who knows the role that cloud computing will play for his customers and his business. Weston discusses how cloud computing allows companies to manage their storage costs and provide computing resources at a fraction of the cost compared to a business doing it themselves. He maintains the affordability is causing a multi-years shift to cloud computing. Not surprisingly, Weston says that ISP’s are the best to provide cloud computing services due to their experience as hosting providers.

Joe Tucci, CEO, EMC

Tucci gives q polished presentations on cloud computing. For Tucci, the key to “private,” cloud computing is the virtualization of the data center to make it a private cloud that federates with an external cloud structure.

Marc Benioff, CEO,

Perhaps the leading personality in the cloud computing market, Benioff says that the client/server model is blowing up. This is a sales pitch but it’s a good overview of one company that has become a $1 billion company by leveraging cloud computing.


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  1. Hawk
    Rob June 18, 2009 at 11:35 am #

    The advance of hosted services, and the accompanying growth of service providers, fails to identify the path for students, consumers and business. The paradigm shift from owning and programming boxes, to template driven Internet transactions, levels the playing field again for innovation, yet is hardly understood by those handing out the budgets.

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