Five Perspectives About Google Chrome OS – What Does It Means For The IT Manager?

Why, why, why? That’s the title of a post on Cloud Ave about the Google Chrome OS. Why would Google want to get in this game?

Before we attempt to answer this question let’s look at this from a different perspective. Does this impact the IT manager at all?

I asked that question on Twitter. Aniq Rahman says not at all:

I don’t think its going to be a big deal for IT managers. It’s mainly for netbooks and mobile devices and for web.

I guess that is in part true. Netbooks are lightweight devices. And Windows 7 appears to be taking the market share. Google is offering that alternative, something the Linux distributors are not really accomplishing.


This may be just another reason for IT managers to better their peripheral vision or try to listen out of one ear. What I’m saying really is that this may be more about paying attention to Google but most of all focusing on that cloud juggernaut, the advent of web applications and that stark reality that consumer apps really are upon the enterprise.

Here are five perspectives from blog posts I gathered today that tell the story pretty well. For me, the issues these bloggers address are the ones that gives some clue of what the Google announcement really means.



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