Driving The Internet To Its Limits

The Internet is a relentless Free Market proving ground, confounding those who liked the old ‘free market’ where only the very wealthy got to enjoy government stimulus and bailout booty. The last dozen years have demonstrated that the genie is out of the bottle, and, no matter how hard anyone tries, the playing fields are being leveled automatically. Framing artists, spin doctors, and pundits alike, try as they might, can’t seem to get in front of the one medium that constantly makes them look bad and constantly uncovers the lameness that was the old economy.

Defiant, in an undated photo from his MySpace profile.
Image: MySpace.com

Few admit a revolution has occurred and that the Internet not only conquered the old guard, but it continues to do so without lifting an arm to win the battle. One need look no further than the old guard media’s lists of most wealthy to understand how much revenue was re-distributed to the Internet revolution, and one need guess no harder then to guess where it is going in the next twenty years. That should also tell you where the power has gone. Now, not everyone is convinced or on board. Battles continue to rage, but we are here to cover it all, bottom-up or top-down and anything in-between, long as it makes sense. We want your input, feedback and experiences, even anon.

On the topic of Net Neutrality, which is a big deal because it essentially issues a license to print money to the winner of the fight for your desktop/living room, against those who would choose to keep the Internet free of manipulation by these same old dragons we thought we slayed, we see lots of looming reactions to the revolution that never occurred.

“Back in March, President Barack Obama nominated Julius Genachowski – a lawyer, techie and former venture capitalist – to head the Federal Communications Commission.”

Gigi Sohn, president of net neutrality-backing organization Public Knowledge, applauded the announcement with a statement showing she’s already on a first name basis with Genachowski.

‘Julius is an outstanding choice for FCC Chairman,’ Sohn said. ‘As the architect of President-elect Obama’s Technology and Innovation Plan, it is clear that he understands the importance of open networks and a regulatory environment that promotes innovation and competition to a robust democracy and a health economy.'”


The Internet community of workers and business owners and communicators owes it to themselves to keep up on how this effects our world, unless you are the 14 in 100 who actually trusts politicians to figure out how the Internet ought to be managed and where the power should lie.

“Republican minority leader Rep. John Boehner said the FCC would be “essentially regulating the internet.”


In spite of all the threats and security fears, the story of James Defiant:

“The hackers say the attack began Tuesday, when the pair used a combination of social engineering and a technical hack to get into Comcast’s domain management console at Network Solutions. They declined to detail their technique, but said it relied on a flaw at the Virginia-based domain registrar. “


I can’t figure out how such talented kids aren’t working for some school, teaching or helping to secure our networks. I guess they probably will be when they get out of the mess they are in now.


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