Do gadgets belong in schools?

The development of inexpensive multimedia computers and the eruption of the Internet in the mid-1990s has quickly changed the nature of education in schools. Communications tools (e.g., e-mail and computer conferences) and multimedia have dominated the role of technologies in the classroom. But what are the students producing? Too often, it seems they are using the technology to reproduce what the teacher or textbook told them or what they copy from the Internet.


And now, many education experts say that the push to equip classrooms with computers is unwarranted because studies do not clearly show that this leads to better test scores or other measurable gains.

While there’s evidence that technology can improve learning skills, and also help meet the needs of all students, more often than not technology can stunt creative thinking, human interaction, and attention spans, as seen in this article in The New York Times.

Where do you see the role of technology in schools? Leave your comments, below.


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