Data Security update for the week of March 12

As we all know, data security is the practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data. This week, the web has been talking about everything from increased vigilance, to highlighting some easy steps you can take to better protect your data.
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3 Ways Increased Vigilance on Data Security Can Backfire

Large U.S. and multinational corporations are awash in a sea of sensitive data. Thanks to a perfect storm of regulatory reform and heightened risk aversion among senior management, corporate compliance departments have been collecting data on everything from partner financial holdings to vendor background checks. While all of this information is being gathered and stored in the interest of risk mitigation, the mere existence of the data creates its own set of risks.
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Journalist Jennifer Gregory on Data Security

Every day you and your employees create or update data. You gather customer information, update financial documents or create marketing materials.
Each bit of this data is critical to some part of your business. It might be the up-to-date information you use to ship your products, serve your customers, get new customers or file taxes.
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Three steps for a successful data protection strategy

Data creates stress on organizations like never before. From exploding data rates and multiple legacy tools to regulation, virtualization and always-present resource constraints, the practice of storing and protecting data remains a significant challenge.
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Making the Business Case for Privacy and Data Security

Companies often view privacy and data security as legal or compliance issues, but a number of recent surveys show that there is also a business case for building privacy and data security into products and services.

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Cryptography and Key Management

SafeNet CTO Russ Dietz speaking at the 2012 RSA Conference about the Importance of Cryptography and Key Management. Watch the video, here:


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