CRM + Search, Aggregate and Append

In the world of business-to-business commerce, the commoditization of communications bandwidth drives the mean cost for Internet access downward and results in excess revenue to spend hiring employees, building products and growing business. No wonder the economic outlook is tied to IT growth. Like falling fuel costs, the reversion-to-the-mean for commodity bandwidth expenses should ignite the entire business world into the next phase of Web 2.0, the communications side of the Internet. The first phases, as we all know, were pretty much left to the peddlers, divas and gearheads, but critical mass has just been a flirt and an elusive one at that. As the culture adapts to the communication’s technologies, the flirts are finding friends.


The overall character of what we call eCommerce has been shaped by old economy forces that, over the last ten thousand years, have meandered towards a rather lopsided capitalist economy. The disruption brought about by a blistering Dotcom boom of the nineties, then the subsequent bailout of markets in the last year, has yet to bring stability or sensibility to the investment communities. Yet productivity and efficiency beckon. Whether or not the trees in the forest make a sound, depends mainly on whether or not we can get the attention of those who are doling out the riches. Funding for online business is down, yet we are trying to revive industries that retain a very short shelf life today.

In Thomas Malone’s book, "The Future of Work," he describes the first leap forward in communications coming after the transition to sedentary societies beginning about 10,000 years ago. Prior to that, getting any message out was a tough job. From slash and burn agriculture, to pueblos and clans, to the Industrial Revolution, it has been simpler communications that drove the economies that provided jobs for the people. Rudimentary settlements led to larger and larger groups which by 3,000 years ago led to writing, and eventually the Internet and then the blogosphere. It surely creeps out at you, quickly, if you imagine how difficult it must have been just relaying some impending piece of important news to your cousins on the other side of the canyon. Energy is of course hostage to communications and is affected by its transmission costs as much as all other commerce.

Selecting the Right CRM Solution For Your Business

These days the 24/7 cliché enjoys full time coding and little decoding in the nature of turning the raw data, in the form of searches, emails, tweets and other seeming nonsense, into actionable data. Building a marketing system behind existing technologies like CRM software is again up against the revolutionary advances in Internet business communications. The keys to making the best decisions for your organization lie in the words Search, Aggregate and Append. Each time a sales engineer calls you up to explain why his system is best, ask him what it will search and aggregate and append to your prospect profiles.

We’ll be examining these and how they affect the lives of IT workers and technology leaders both. The costs and values extracted from the fields of social networks will allow competition at a new level for those selling new technologies. The demos we are looking at will sort out which pieces of software you need to extract information from places like Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook and other major venues on the decision makers you want to reach.

Over on LinkedIn now, Prem Kumar and the #scrm group is discussing our favorite question, "Which vendor is poised for leadership in the online communities space?" We can’t wait to hear some responses that answer these questions and can show a logical path to furthering these features.

This is not bleeding edge, nor is it really leading edge. This functionality has been around for a while, though the entrepreneurs designing the interfaces are not getting the respect they deserve. I would be surprised if we don’t see some of the winners of this soon. Please feel free to add your questions or experiences, anon or yourself, and help figure out the answers to the puzzle.



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