Content Delivery Network (CDN) Race

The CDN space is shaping up to be the next powerhouse space to grow out of the merging of the Internet and TV content. The video content explosion debuted by Google’s YouTube sensation over the last few years, along with the Netflix and Amazon rush to capture video rental revenue, should have given us a fair enough warning. But demand from the general public, and now the business community, have led the charge to accelerate distribution of video and 4G content around the world. To be fair, even though that kills me, it hasn’t been easy for them. And there are some notable quality people coming to the sector who hopefully won’t be stolen away by K Street.

The protocols associated with a common – FREE – browser to consume FREE content would be able to sort out any formatting issues, and soon, very soon, anyone with a text editor could build a web site and be able to imitate the major TV networks.
Many of these visionaries also saw the Faustian bargains and they knew that, how society adjusted would determine, if society prospered. If the world truly wanted to be digital, if that is the fuel that encourages the most capitalist enterprise, then we would need a stealth machine to allow anyone who wants to have their talk show.

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Not so fast many who tried realized. Folks have to be led down this garden path blithely. Most of us still don’t believe we’ve gotten this far. The tandem race between the desktop and the wireless devices, for attention, and for profit, has reached fever pitch. Apple and the IPhone have already pierced the corporate veil of America and taken a larger chunk from the entertainment budgets that Microsoft and Sony assumed was in their accounts.
The Apple addicted public seems to prefer the blithe garden path painted by Steve Jobs, and their customers all seem to have literally fallen head over heels, because they can’t take their eyes off their iPhone. Such brand loyalty and niche marketing still flies in the face of the reality that most technology manufacturers are facing today.

Welcome to a revolution in resolution. High-definition streaming video brings the widescreen vistas and color depth of film to the computer screen. Check out the amazing clarity of this high-definition video and see what’s in store.

Finally, Ballmer makes a move and picks off Skype, one of our favorite long time technologies that has been beaten more time than old rug. But has Ballmer made this move to stave off Google, and thus putting another nail in Mr. Softy’s coffin by delaying the inevitable, or has he finally figured out MS is in big trouble? He’s punting …
Just as it took Bill Gates way too long to understand that the Internet was not only a platform, but “the” platform, Steve Ballmer refuses to understand what that means. Steve it means you need to replace yourself, and don’t bother with the farewell address. No one cares; don’t let the door hit you. Microsoft is simply not a meaningful player in the CDN space at any level. If they can’t create important content, they surely cannot deliver it. If you can’t hold the community together that you are given, you must change. No one is sure if SB gets it.

“What Space, man?”

As Internet “Spaces” go, the CDN Space is a good one for our community to target because it has huge IT and telecom components TEM’s (telephone equipment manufacturer’s) and it portends a lot about where our lives and businesses are going. The first group we’re going to look at has Akamai, Limelight Networks; F5 networks and Level Three. All have recently reported quarterly earnings and all have gotten big press for their potential to make people rich. We’ll get you a break down in Part II in a couple of days.

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