Come and Meet Me and Other Speakers at DatacenterDynamics’ San Francisco Conference

This is short notice, but I would like to encourage people to come and join me at the DatacenterDynamics conference on July 17 in San Francisco.

There will be five tracks or halls on different themes. I will chair Hall 2, whose focus is IT. Of course, the discussions will be on IT in conjunction with data center mechanical and electrical. Subjects at data center conferences tend to be on the facilities side, and very few are from the IT perspective. So I am very excited about this track.

In Hall 2, several subjects that relate to IT equipment and IT applications for data center optimization will be discussed. These are ASHRAE guidelines for telecom and IT equipment, cooling energy reduction, DCIM, and cloud computing.

Don Beaty of DLA Associates will discuss two guidelines from ASHRAE: 2nd edition of Datacom Equipment Power Trends & Cooling Applications and the upcoming 3rd edition of Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments. This may lead to chiller-less data centers. Then Tahir Cader of HP will update us on the new server inlet air temperature guidelines known as A3 and A4. By raising inlet air temperature, we can cut cooling energy substantially. Are server vendors ready for the challenge?

John Boggs of Emerson will talk about how to reduce cooling energy at data centers with little or no cost to you. As we know, cooling can use close to 60% of power consumed at data centers. If we can control and reduce it (and with little or no cost), it would be great. I cannot wait for this presentation.

DCIM covers a broad area of the data center, ranging from design, simulation, monitoring, and controlling to retrofitting. The four DCIM sessions will collectively give us good insights into what DCIM is and what it can do for us. Two of the four sessions do not use the term DCIM in their titles or synopsis, though. The first one will be by Dhesikan Ananchaperumal of CA Technologies. He will talk about the necessity for good integration of data from both facilities and IT for optimizing data center operations. Jim Kennedy from RagingWire will share his experience with making both existing and new data centers energy efficient with DCIM tools, which led to EPA’s Energy Star for data center certification. Following that, Khaled Nassoura of Raritan will tell us how to improve data center operations by combining DCIM with intelligent and automated systems. Finally, Todd Goldman of Nlyte Software will explain how to apply DCIM tools in steps without going too fast.

The past few years have brought an increase in cloud computing sessions at data center conferences like this one. Gina Tomlinson of the City and County of San Francisco will talk about how she put mission-critical IT infrastructures into a cloud. Although the notion of cloud computing is widely known by now, many people are still hesitant to move their mission-critical infrastructure into cloud for reasons of security, controllability, and SLA. How did she cope with the fear and move them to a cloud? It will be very interesting to hear about her experience.

Overall, this conference is filled with many more interesting sessions and speakers. But if you are an IT professional, come and join me for those very informative talks. See you in San Francisco!

Zen Kishimoto

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Seasoned research and technology executive with various functional expertise, including roles in analyst, writer, CTO, VP Engineering, general management, sales, and marketing in diverse high-tech and cleantech industry segments, including software, mobile embedded systems, Web technologies, and networking. Current focus and expertise are in the area of the IT application to energy, such as smart grid, green IT, building/data center energy efficiency, and cloud computing.

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