Certify your Software Integrity with Thawte Code Signing Certificates

As a software developer you know that the product you make available on the Internet can be tampered with (without detection) if it is not secured. You want customers to know that the software really comes from the publisher who signed it and that it has not been altered or corrupted. That is why you need a Code Signing Certificate from thawte.

thawte is dedicated to making the Internet a secure and viable platform for commerce and the distribution of content. A thawte Code Signing Certificate ensures customers downloading your software from the Internet that the code has not been tampered with. With a thawte Code Signing Certificate, your code will be as safe and trustworthy as it would be if you shrink-wrapped it and sold it off a store shelf.

This guide will show you how Code Signing Certificates are used to secure code that can be downloaded from the Internet. You will also learn how these certificates operate with different software platforms.



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