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Signed, Sealed – Delivered? The Payoff of Showing Your “Trust Mark”

A big benefit of buying an SSL Certificate from a known brand includes the recognition value of their trust mark, so it is highly important that you use this to maximum benefit on your Web site. Here are some tips on how to place the trust mark for maximum impact.

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Five Perspectives About Google Chrome OS – What Does It Means For The IT Manager?

Why, why, why? That’s the title of a post on Cloud Ave about the Google Chrome OS. Why would Google want to get in this game? Before we attempt to answer this question let’s look at this from a different perspective. Does this impact the IT manager at all?

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IT Decision-Making and Its Ancient History

Technology visionaries have always used nature and science as a backdrop for the way the Information Age has evolved and Anthropologists have used technology analysis, and the lexicon ascribed to it, to describe culture as far back as the first member of our own genus, Homo habilis, the pioneer of the Homo line. The great […]

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