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Greetings to #scrm on Mark Tamis, Prem Kumar, Esteban Kolsky, Jesús Hoyos, Tamar Weinberg and more

The “accidental” #scrm twitter group will be invited to share their experiences and tap into the tek-tips community on a regular basis. We look forward to their discussions.

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On Social CRM Options

The discussion around Social CRM is entering a phase whereby we are trying to move away from turning around in circles about semantics, towards a more practical and pragmatic approach that businesses can identify with so as to consider implementing it. I won’t deal with CRM Vendors here, as Social CRM can be seen as […]

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Specifically, What Are The Issues With Social Media Adoption In The Enterprise?

Earlier this week, Dion Hinchliffe wrote a blog post about the “Ten top issues in adopting enterprise social computing.” The issues are important but in this post I was far more interested in the comments, which I owe to Dion setting up the conversation and providing a good graphic to give some additional perspective: Instead, […]

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Social Friday: Socialtext – Enterprise 2.0 At Its Best

Lifestream applications are making a mark in the enterprise. Socialtext announced “Signals,” this week, which uses lifestream elements to enhance enterprise communications. One of the most valuable ways to follow a community is by developing groups around your particular interests. Socialtext Signals is designed to give context about people within an organization who are working on […]

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Social Friday: Using Twitter Search

People new to Twitter are often dumbfounded. Why would I use Twitter? Why do I want people to know that I am making a sandwich? Let’s play devil’s advocate. Let’s say I own a restaurant. I am thinking about what new sandwich to offer on the menu. I am looking for something new, creative, that […]

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Social Friday: A New Tek-Tips Regular Feature

We will start to add some regular features to the space here. We launched close to two months ago. In that time, we have had a number of discussions here about where to take the blog. A natural topic for us to discuss is the social web. What it means, how it is applied and […]

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