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I’m Pretty Sure I Love You, But Still Can’t Prove It

The first time I got a whiff of how search engines would work was in a UNIX lab at Cal around ’93. A couple of guys were hacking out a way to browse the library stacks and they gave me a hint at what things would look like today. Flash forward a couple of years [...]

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EV, Smart Grid Synonym in Japan

When I gave a seminar on smart grid in Tokyo recently, I had a chance to exchange smart grid information with attendees. I will elaborate on that later, but I also found a very informative book on smart grid in Japan, "An Introduction to Smart Grid," by Edward Fukui. It has good coverage of smart [...]

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Have California Candidates Considered China?

As Silicon Valley goes, so goes Northern California, then the country. Silicon Valley, being the best metaphor for Technology, is the logical successor to the last Industrial Age, and software, naturally, will lead the world. This is exactly why the Google issue and China’s plans for the future is central to our livelihoods. Shel Israel [...]

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Is Hillary Helping?

If you were as shocked as many of us were to see Ms Clinton speak out about China‘s handling of the Internet, in general, and then the Google debacle too, join the crowd.  We described last week in The Informationization Age how the modernization of China‘s nation included a plan on how they would allow [...]

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Shavlik Statement on Emergency Out-of-Band Patch for IE Attack Code Used to Hack Google

"Microsoft has gone out-of-band from their normal release cycle for a critical security bulletin release. The bulletin addresses the zero-day vulnerability described in Security Advisory KB979352. The last time Microsoft went out-of-band for a security bulletin was in July 2009. That bulletin addressed a vulnerability in the ATL library. Unlike the July out-of-band release, this [...]

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For Sale: Web 2.0, for a Song?

Metaphor in technology selling is more about the protagonist, than the product. Back on Jan 11th Larry Dignan, editor-in-chief of ZDNet told us, One Night Stand "Expect Salesforce.com to go shopping. As of Oct. 31, Salesforce.com had $1.07 billion in total cash and marketable securities" and I immediately conjured up an image of the cherubic [...]

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Data Center Metering, UK based AdInfa’s Way

As I write my daily blog, some readers contact me via several media, such as LinkedIn and email. My blog covers the United States and Japan, but not Europe, for the simple reason that I live in the U.S. and originally came from Japan. When you cover a market of a specific country or region, [...]

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SharePoint 2010 – Deploy It Now or Later?

When should I deploy SharePoint 2010? This is up for discussion by customers and IT service provider… The beta version was released in November 2009 and the final version will be released in the first half of 2010. Now it’s time to learn SharePoint 2010 but should you also deploy it or plan to deploy [...]

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Enterprise Sustainability, Symantec’s Way

I met Jose Iglesias of Symantec when I hosted one of the sessions at the Green Software Unconference in August 2009.I talked to him briefly then and found out that his team was doing a lot in the green software area as well as in the overall sustainability work at Symantec. I finally had a [...]

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China and the Google Bear

TONGUE IN BEAK! Just as we guessed here at NetHawk, along with everyone else on the planet, China refused to buckle to the Google Bear’s call for freedom from their autocratic intimidations. China defended its extensive censorship and ignored charges of criminal behavior in their institutionalized hacking and other antics outlined in yesterdays piece. It’s [...]

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