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TLLTS Guest Tara Spalding from Groundwork Open Source

Tara Spalding is the VP of Marketing at Groundwork Open Source. Groundwork has a community project known as MonitoringForge.org, which is platform agnostic. Before GWOS, she was at SugarCRM. Click here to listen to the podcast from The Linux Link Tech Show in mp3 format.

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Internet Privacy Myth

The battle for privacy continues to make more U-turns as FBI Director, Robert Mueller claims he "called for data retention on the part of Internet providers, and emphasized the point two years later when explicitly asking Congress to enact a law making it mandatory. But it had not been clear before that the FBI was asking companies [...]

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Empathy: Litmus Test for Success in Web 2.0

We dance around the idea of empathy as if it was an old lecherous politician with wine breath. Instead of embracing the idea of putting ourselves in the shoes of others – opponents, competitors and anyone with whom we disagree – we assume that doing so will weaken our stance, instead of building a better [...]

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Looking at What Makes Good Application Security Knowledge

It’s always interesting reading about larger scale fraud like this one recently with the Bank of Queensland. You wonder in cases like this, had the accused pulled the pin earlier, would he ever have gotten caught? You wonder how many do get away with it – stopping before obvious alarm bells start to ring? What [...]

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Robots Could Assist in Quake Search and Rescue

Earthquake rescues could be made safer and faster with a new robot being developed at UC Berkeley by engineering grad students Paul Birkmeyer and Kevin Peterson with Professor Ron Fearing. View the ABC7 News video here

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Delays Lead To Zero Day Vulnerability

Democracy, the elusive political system, got a lift from Twitter’s Founder, Evan Williams. As we shared earlier this week, prior to Google’s recent refusal to abide by China’s censorship rules, CCTV’s Tian Wei reminded everyone that Google courted and vowed to keep within China’s rules and firewalls, prior to launching there. The Twitter founder says [...]

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Did Mr. Softy Throw Google Bear Under China Bus

The stories from Davos are trickling in and from Jeff Jarvis, BusinessInsider, who spoke with Eric Schmidt, search boss Marissa Mayer, and counsel, and "diplomat” (Schmidt’s joke) David Drummond in a "Davos apartment dolled up with lava lamps" we heard, "“We made a decision that was consistent with our values,” Schmidt said.  And then, “We’re not going [...]

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China’s Future & U.S. Jobs

In what hopefully was meant as, and will be interpreted as, an olive branch, China "tried Wednesday to assure mobile phone companies using Google’s Android operating system that they won’t be hurt by a dispute over Web censorship, saying the technology will be allowed if it complies with regulations. " Google postponed their own smart [...]

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I’m Pretty Sure I Love You, But Still Can’t Prove It

The first time I got a whiff of how search engines would work was in a UNIX lab at Cal around ’93. A couple of guys were hacking out a way to browse the library stacks and they gave me a hint at what things would look like today. Flash forward a couple of years [...]

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EV, Smart Grid Synonym in Japan

When I gave a seminar on smart grid in Tokyo recently, I had a chance to exchange smart grid information with attendees. I will elaborate on that later, but I also found a very informative book on smart grid in Japan, "An Introduction to Smart Grid," by Edward Fukui. It has good coverage of smart [...]

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