‘Blankchecks,’ Baggers and Bores …

Tech Ticker, at Yahoo Finance, where the mission statement reads, "I love the smell of profits in the morning" the topic is how "Apple delivered a shockingly strong quarter" and the big question, "why was anyone surprised." The resulting comments however seemed to compel some folks to draw much larger conclusions on this topic. Instead of chatting up Jobs’ special sauce, we saw the most visceral feedback seen yet on how banks are doing and what needs to happen to make everyone happy. "Buddy" had this to say, then, enigmatically, decided to add his smiley face. You think he was trying to be ironic?

Buddy – Wednesday April 21, 2010 03:08PM EDT

Hang John Paulson, Lloyd Blankcheck, and all the rest. Leave the bodies on [Wallstreet] to rot by the bull. America wake up and take back your country. Throw the pigs out of office eat the elite. I truly wish the [terrorists] had done us a favor and crashed the plane into Wall street instead of the twin towers. We could be a much better country than. šŸ™‚

I blame in on the smiley face. Some treat it as we Catholic kids did the confessional. I bet Buddy did some time in what we used to call a "parochial" school. You don’t hear that word too much anymore. But the smiley face has changed our society and made us truly go out on the weakest limb of all when it comes to pushing envelopes. Or pushing our friends off a cliff. Yet maybe this was more about the trouble with the blogosphere, or even, more accurately, about the trouble with many blogs.

On a positive note, there was information worth considering if you want to assess how Apple is changing the dynamics of the IT world. This caught my attention because of similar dysfunctional operations we experienced at AT&T.

Marvin – Wednesday April 21, 2010 03:24PM EDT

Apple has tremendous potential for the I phone in the united states Does anyone have a clue how poor AT&Ts service actually is. I attempted to purchase an [i phone] and had to return it due to the number of dropped calls , and no service available. If someone were to check city by city you would be amazed, The nanosecond that Verizon or Sprint get the i phone I will buy it I know many people in Las Vegas especially feel the way I do [At&T] is a joke and they constantly say they are installing new towers and upgrading their service [Don’t] hold your breath[.]

So much of the wireless world depends on networks and deals and the confidence one has in the company handling the handshakes. All those things depend on politics and courts and new legislation including the neutered net neutrality. Maybe we’ll see Steve Jobs buy Sprint or AT& T or both? It surely seems as if he beat the buttons off Redmond on this and probably others?

But my favorite reason to love Apple is the comment from David S.

davids – Wednesday April 21, 2010 04:05PM EDT

Kids are taught in school on apple products. My kids don’t get msft products and Apple will continue to grow the Mac base and now the I-pad. When instead of having to drag five books around in a backpack they can just carry one device like an I-pad with all of the home work, games, books and communication. Soon all of the school books will be required by the Boards of Education to be available on pads and the schools will save a ton of money and the kids will not have 30 lbs of books on their backs.

My friend in Prague would love that comment as he is the IT Director in the International Schools there and has been a vocal advocate for the educational lead in the Apple platform for schools. Standards in computing have always soldered fear in the Sand Hill Road set, as well as Wall Street. If markets are free and business evolves selecting the fittest of technologies, why would we teach youngsters using the ‘best’ platform, Mac, then demand they use Windows for commerce? Why hasn’t the ‘open source’ community produced an educational enterprise package? Is music the magic key to what will be selected? Or will security concerns, and marketing, change the dynamics again, or simply monitor it?

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Smiley faces and hiding behind avatars and fake profiles won’t fix the problem. The Internet proved that there is a predatory class that simply overrides the sort of privacy we thought was an entitlement. Kids need to come first and that needs to happen faster. I told my grandkids I have no trouble bartering their privacy, especially after FB, as long as they are safe. I hope some smart anthropologists are charting how technology has so rapidly changed our collective behaviors in this decade, but the next decade is where we will see the results of these changes. Ordinary conventions, values and our mores have changed dramatically and because of the network, it’s creating critical mass. Habits, for better or worse, are harder to avoid.

So where does that leave us in the world of technology chats? We’d sure like to hear from you here on the blog site or on the bulletin board. And you can be an anonymous and aloof as you care to be. Just let us know if there is anything you feel will add to the value of your experience when you visit the site.

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