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We all know how important it is to develop a Disaster Recovery/Business Conntinuity Plan.  If you still don’t have one, consider this : relying on backup data that you have never tested and have no idea how long it would take to restore … is not a plan.

In the old days of IT, backing up one whole server or all your servers was cost-prohibitive and time-consuming.  While most folks put an emphasis on backups for their server-based data today, we wanted to provide you with an education about the true realities of depending on data backups alone:

What happens if you need to recover after a server crash ? Do you have all the backup data accessible and cataloged accurately, or do you have a collection of tapes and disks “hoping” that it’s all there ?  Assuming you know where your data is and how it is organized, you’ll still need a lot more.  Do you have all the operating system disks and application software disks that came with the server originally or was updated since then ?  Assuming you do, you’ll still need a lot more.  Do you have a new server to install everything onto, or will you be able to wait the required time for delivery from your favorite vendor ?  If your server is out of warranty and you have to buy a new one, expect to wait several days, possibly longer.  Assuming you have all your backup data organized perfectly, all your original installation disks, and an entire extra server handy … you can begin the process of restoring your business to normal functionality.  If you don’t have all the aforementioned steps in place ahead of time (very few companies do), then you’ll need to waste more time collecting everything (if you can find it all).

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Real Time Protection for Hyper-V
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Recovery Process – like rebuilding a house.

A company’s data is stored on a server to enable easy sharing for all appropriate users.  Lose the server for a couple of hours and watch your staff productivity drop like a rock.  Lose the server for a couple of days and you might as well tell your customers to come back when you call them.  Scary ?  Of course !  Recovering from a server crash is very painful.  It takes a lot of time, you find yourself paying whatever it takes to get back in business as quickly as possible, and you never want to go through it again.  Having gone through this experience with lots of clients since 1995, we have seen it all.  Lost tapes, corrupted drives, misplaced disks, expired warranties, overtime charges for nights and weekends, everything.  There is a better way.
Imagine if you had the ability to run out of the house with every single piece of property you owned, in the event of a natural disaster.  I mean everything, including the wall coverings and toothpaste.  But you had to throw it all into boxes which went into multiple moving vans which got driven to different storage locations.  That’s what your backup data looks like for your server, when you really do have it all on different tapes and drives.  The tricky part is setting it all back up correctly, in the right order, with the most important items first.  And then remember, that unless you could make an exact clone of your house with all its belongings as they were at the time of the disaster, you would never get everything you needed, and you would certainly never be able to know where anything was.
So, if you’re still interested in continuing to depend on the arduous process of recovering from a server crash the old way, by spending untold amounts of time and money and hoping you can find all your information on the numerous tapes and disks in your office or home, then we wish you the best of luck.  We’ll be here to help when you call, but it won’t be pretty.
Instead, if you’d like to think of preparing for something like this in a better way, consider exploring a real Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solution.
Business Continuity – what you really need
Imagine being able to actually “clone” your house with all its property inside and be able to set it all up temporarily at another safe location, within a few hours of any natural disaster.  While that may be far-fetched for your house, it’s now possible for your server !  Using imaging technology, disk based storage, and a virtualization platform designed for enterprise environments, you can have this “clone” of your entire server infrastructure … on-demand.  It works in the background, it confirms daily operation through a system of alerts, and it stores a copy of all your data offsite, far away from your office in case a natural disaster actually occurs.  The Lanlogic Virtual Server Backup solution offers all this and more.  Using newly introduced technologies now available for small businesses, Lanlogic can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your entire server infrastructure can be “turned on” anywhere/anytime in the event of a server crash or natural disaster.  Contact us to learn more about this new solution today.

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