Best of CES 2011: Android and tablets rule the show

CES 2001 is almost over and the buzz this year was all over Android and tablets. While Apple was busy not attending, Google and it’s hardware partners were creating hype all over Vegas and even Microsoft decided to take a stab at getting some tablet buzz. Here’s what stacked above the rest…

Android 3.0 Honeycomb gets unveiled

This year, the theme of CES was Android, Android, and more Android. Google finally revealed it’s tablet OS, and it looks very promising to say the least. Not only does it address all of Apple’s iOS for iPad shortcomings such as a proper file management system and push notifications, it’s UI actually looks like it belongs on a tablet. Check the video above for a peek.

Android Honeycomb powered Motorola Xoom tablet crowned best of show

Motorola leaked hints of it’s latest Android powered creation pre CES, but not too many editors expected it to steal the show come CES. Aside from being powered by Google’s strictly-for-tablets Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the 10.1 inch table stacks a 1 GHz dual core Targa processor (the fastest mobile processor out now), 4G LTE bands (available as an update in Q2), 1280×800 resolution, 5 megapixel camera with 720p recording and 1080p playback, and 32GB of onboard storage. Should we call it the iPad killer? Well…lets wait a month or so and see how the iPad 2 looks.

Windows to get ARM support

At first glance, this one seems huge. While Android might be the talk of CES this year, few can ignore that Windows (or some variation of it) on a tablet would be great for the platform currently dominated by iOS and Android. However, this one is a bit more complicated. Windows was designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard, and every attempt at making it touch screen friendly has so far been a disaster. Furthermore, the applications that run on Windows, along with Windows itself, are for the most part all resource hogs. Even if Windows did take full advantage of the ARM processor architecture, few will argue that it’s actual real world use remains a mystery outside of the labs in Redmond.

Dell unveils it’s Streak 7 tablet

Here’s another Targa powered tablet equipped with 4G, but this one’s not quite as hot as the Motorola Xoom for two reasons: it’s not powered by LTE 4G and it wont ship with Honeycomb. Otherwise, it hosts a 7 inch screen as opposed to the Xoom’s 10.1, is upgradable to Android 3.0, and it’s set to ship before the Xoom making it very attractive for those seeking a 7 inch tablet and not willing to wait for the next wave of Android tablets.


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