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Founded www.nethawk.net with the goal of providing the best solution to getting important technology products and services to the IT community on a permission basis. The goal has always been to streamline the information acquisition process and adapt the marketers to the buyers.
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Driving The Internet To Its Limits

The Internet is a relentless Free Market proving ground, confounding those who liked the old ‘free market’ where only the very wealthy got to enjoy government stimulus and bailout booty. The last dozen years have demonstrated that the genie is out of the bottle, and, no matter how hard anyone tries, the playing fields are […]

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Top technology news stories for September 2009

01 September 2009 Top technology news stories for September 2009 range from the bizarre: “Can the president shut down the Internet?” all the way to the absolutely about time, “Apple: The New Microsoft” In Software Magazine’s story about the changing of the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, we learn how our ineffable majority Democratic Congress is […]

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Monetizing a Startup: Definitely Not Free!

Sunday 30 August 2009 Just finished my coffee and reading today’s Sunday NY Times article, "Using ‘Free’ to Turn a Profit" by D.Darlin. A twitter follow, Amber Cadabra, tweeted that, "Free in itself meant zip" and so it made me think how that single word was still important to many who respond to online offers. […]

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The Selfish Meme and The Future of Technology

It should be no surprise that, in tracking the technology business, the world’s best thinkers borrow from the lexicon of biology and the natural world. After all, both follow an evolutionary, heuristic, process with all sorts of connections and shared metaphors. For example, the cultural equivalent for a gene is called a meme: an idea […]

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Marketing vs IT: Framing the Coming Games

Does CRM make marketers smarter, or, does it simply demand smarter people to manage the CRM environment?  Are the most expensive CRM systems so superior that they provide measurable results and provide value so sellers close deals more easily?  Talk to some of the folks selling these apps and you might come away believing that […]

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CRM At The Nexus Of Marketing And IT Expertise

Contrary to what you may have heard, though semantics may be at play, the ‘peddler’ is the world’s oldest profession and I may be considered one of its living fossils. After spending part of the 1960s and 1970s on Seventh Avenue and Madison Avenue in the fashion selling business, I went out on the highways […]

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IT Decision-Making and Its Ancient History

Technology visionaries have always used nature and science as a backdrop for the way the Information Age has evolved and Anthropologists have used technology analysis, and the lexicon ascribed to it, to describe culture as far back as the first member of our own genus, Homo habilis, the pioneer of the Homo line. The great […]

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