About us

About us
Dear members,

Since the nineties the Tek-tips and Eng-tips communities have worked and collaborated together to share information, secrets and tips about technology. The growth of our content areas for white papers, web casts and information centers is for these communities and will continue to grow with input from the community. We encourage, cajole and plead for your input and advice on how you want the top IT information Monday through Friday. If you feel a sector is underrepresented, or just silly, let us know and we’ll fix it.

We will never sell your information to anyone. We will use product information and information that you choose to share, to work with you, and our community, to focus on areas you are interested in and gather what is important to you. We are appraising new ways to use multi media approaches and live casts to our menu. We will be aggregating pertinent videos, screen casts and podcasts for member’s use. Right now we are pondering how we might enhance our profile area and allow writers, thinkers and technology experts to have access to social networking tools. If you have any suggestions, you’d be my hero.

-Nethawk Interactive